Switching Kitchen Styles

By on May 7th, 2016

UsaKitchen is your one stop shop for all of your kitchen remodeling needs. Being our customer means that you will have a representative that oversees the entire process from deciding the overall style of the kitchen to inspecting the installation upon completion of the work.


Deciding your Kitchen’s Style

Choosing a style for your kitchen will make sure that it does not come out looking like a mismatched mess, unless you enjoy eclectic styles! The experts at UsaKitchen have industry know how that helps clients pick everything from cabinets and appliances, down to minute details like door knobs and structural accents. Here are some kitchen styles to help get the ideas flowing for what you will want your dream kitchen to look like!

  • Farmhouse Kitchens- This kitchen style has a warm and cozy feel to it with open shelving for cook books and glass french doors for cabinets. If you are the type of person that likes to see their organized bowls and plates then this is the style for you!


  • Rustic Kitchens- If the thought of a classic white kitchen makes you have nightmares about having to clean it then you may want to look into rustic kitchens. Here, dark wood, stone, fireplaces, and brick come together to create beautiful spaces for you to enjoy with your family and friends.


  • Modern Kitchens- On the opposite end of the kitchen spectrum from rustic styles lies modern styles. Sleek and simple hardware and cabinets without frames are used in these types of kitchens. Also, if stainless steel and solid colored cabinets are on your list of favorites then you’ve found your match.


  • Transitional kitchens: If your taste crosses stylistic borders then you will have a transitional style. This means that it borrows characteristics from traditional kitchens like arcs above the stove but still possesses touches of contemporary style in the seating/cabinetry.



What is your Kitchen MADE OF?

Once you have sorted out the style of your kitchen you will work with your project manager to choose the materials for your UsaKitchen cabinets. The same styles are available in different materials, so it is important you understand the differences between the materials to find what best suits your use and your budget.

Important to know

  1. You can easily go from a thermofoil kitchen to an acrylic kitchen.
  2. You can turn your wood kitchen into an acrylic kitchen with refacing.


Thermofoil doors– Thermofoil doors are less susceptible to damages since their top layer is a flexible vinyl coating. They can come in the color of your liking and are available in multiple designs.


Wood doors– The most authentic and original in the UsaKitchen collection, wood doors have grown in popularity and come in a variety of luxurious finishes. They bring contrast to your kitchen and are mostly made of oak. View our website to see different wood door designs.


Acrylic Doors– Acrylic doors are a cost effective solution to kitchen cabinetry that can be used for a wide variety of styles. The finish is non-porous and great for humid environments.


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