2016 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

By on May 7th, 2016

The hardest part of updating your kitchen is making the initial decisions of what to change. UsaKitchen’s expert staff has the experience you need to guide you through your kitchen remodel. They can help you find cost saving options for certain facets of the kitchen that can allow you to splurge on products that matter most to you. UsaKitchen offers custom cabinetry and stainless steel services that cater to your special needs and are with you from concept to installation.


Refacing Cabinets

If you had the chance to change the aesthetics to your kitchen cabinets for half the price of new cabinets would you take it? UsaKitchen’s craftsmen are experts in refacing your existing cabinets to help you achieve an updated look. First, the cabinet doors are removed. Then, all necessary repairs are made to remove any dents or cracks in the cabinets. Next, your existing cabinets will be covered with a wood veneer or a lamination such as thermofoil. These processes seal your cabinet doors and protect them from humidity and makes them less susceptible to damage.


Custom Cabinetry

Have you ever found yourself thinking that standard kitchen cabinets are not meeting your standards? Does your home, apartment, or condo have special stylistic elements like bay windows or an irregular breakfast nook? With UsaKitchen you have the flexibility of custom cabinetry services. Our team of experts can help you make the most out of your kitchen space and help you include a wine cooler or mini bar in your home.


We have experience in helping accommodate customers with disabilities and can make drawers and countertops that fit any height. When it comes to custom cabinetry UsaKitchen uses top of the line materials and is made to make the most out of the allotted space.



If your current cabinetry has taken a serious beating from years of use you may be able to salvage them. Thermofoil doors are coated with a flexible vinyl that is applied to the top of cabinets. This material is known for its long lasting characteristics that deter chipping and dents. As if that were not reason enough to love this material, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Basically, this material was made for single family homes.


Custom Stainless Steel

If you are looking to create a true chefs kitchen experience you will want to include stainless steel. Stainless steel gives kitchens a special aesthetic with its semi reflective finish. This is perfect for indoor and outdoor kitchens. You can view some of our past projects here.

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