The Kitchen Refacing Cost

By on May 7th, 2016

When the time comes to update the look of your kitchen there are some cost saving initiatives that UsaKitchen offers to its clients. Instead of buying completely new cabinets, you can resurface the pre-existing cabinets in your home, apartment or condo. Our expert staff has the skill and experience to turn your old and dilapidated cabinets into the cabinets in your dream updated kitchen.

We are not in business to upsell you. We understand that every project has a different budget and will do our best to give you the most for your dollar. By resurfacing cabinets we have been able to save our clients enough money to purchase countertops.


Refacing New Kitchen
Thermofoil Starts $3,000 Starts $5,000
Acrylic Starts $4000 Starts $6,000
Wood Starts $5,000 Starts $7,000

*cost reference considering standard kitchen 10’ x 10’



When your kitchen upgrade includes changing countertops the most coveted materials are quartz and granite. It’s important that you take into consideration that changing countertops will cost a considerable amount of money, so if your budget is small you may just want to resurface the cabinets. Also, since granite and quartz are thick materials it may interfere with the pre-existing pipes used for gas and water. There may need to be changes made to the pipes.

Granite prices start around $42 a square foot and greatly vary. Quartz countertops come in around $48-$68 per square foot.

Quartz- This material is just as strong as granite, but has the added characteristic of being more flexible and easier to handle. Since it is a man made material quartz offers a uniform finish that can be recreated unlike the naturally occurring granite. Quartz does not require a sealant and is known for requiring low maintenance. Quartz is heavier than granite and requires experts to install. Rest assured, UsaKitchen’s staff is made up of trained professionals that have experience in dealing with quartz.

Granite- The overall appearance of granite, considering it comes from the earth, is not uniform. Some customers like this look, while others like things to look extremely uniform. Before you use your granite countertop it needs to be sealed. It is safest to reseal the countertop every year, which UsaKitchen can help you with. With proper care, this type of countertop will last you a lifetime.

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