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The Full Kitchen Remodeling Cost

The 5 to 15% rule is widely held as the gold standard in helping homeowners estimate and budget the correct amount for remodels. This rule holds that the entire remodel should cost no less than 5% of the current value of the home — and no more than 15%. This is because spending less than 5% may result in a lesser home value, while a homeowner is unlikely to recoup an investment of more than 15% in a resale.

Some other tips to follow when budgeting and estimating for a kitchen remodel include:

  • Consult with the remodeler about how your costs will be separated among projects. Keep in mind that labor will take up 20% to 35% of the budget.
  • 20% of your budget needs to be set aside for unexpected costs.
  • Prioritize what you want done during the remodel, in case the funds run out.
  • Figure out how you are going to pay for this remodel. There are various options for financing a remodel, including loans, credit cards and cash out of hand.
  • Decide where you are going to live while the remodel is going on. If you live at home, it’s going to be noisy and messy. If you will stay in a hotel, factor that additional cost into your budget.
  • Consider doing some of the smaller projects in the kitchen yourself to save money. It can go towards other projects.

The Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Option

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is an economical alternative to replacing. We at USAKITCHEN.COM,  specialize in turning old lackluster kitchens into  beautiful clean finished with little inconvenience, time consumption and cost of total remodeling. Rather than planning total replacement of your cabinets, you have the alternative of having them refaced. In most cases you will save up to half of the cost in material and labor.

The kitchen cabinet refacing does not change the layout, but you may add additional matching cabinets, like an island with cabinetry or a peninsula to add seating. We also have clients that have decided to repurpose an unused part of their storage space into a kitchen bar. This means that you could replace cabinets that you don’t use with a wine cooler or other small appliance like a trash compactor.

Sunrise Remodeling

Sunrise Remodeling can help you create the perfect kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. However, you will have some decisions to make before we can begin. If you’re not sure how you would like your kitchen remodeled, check out the kitchen design galleries and remodeling videos on our website for ideas.

Whether you want a uniquely distinctive or purely functional kitchen, there are a myriad of design options for cabinets, counter-tops, appliances, tiles, flooring, lighting, and more. At our new Kitchen showroom you can see the latest styles from the industry’s leading manufacturers. And you’ll find that there are a variety of things you can do without gutting the entire kitchen and moving the walls!

  1. Colors – Colors play a major role in how spacious or small a kitchen can look. Older style kitchens with avocado counter-tops can make your entire home look outdated. There are many styles of counter-tops available (from marble to Formica to ceramic tiles, and everything in between) in any style you have in mind. Also, white or light walls can make the room look much larger and breathe new life into your entire home.
  2. Lighting – Letting in natural light can do wonders for any room.  You may not be able to add more windows to your kitchen, but you can opt for reflective surfaces (such as ceramic tiles) to help enhance the natural light you already have. You can also change the whole feel of the room and make it more inviting by switching out overhead fluorescent lighting with more modern, yet cost-effective, options.
  3. Cabinets – Updating your kitchen cabinetry doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace all of the kitchen cabinets. We can remove the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and hinges, reface the cabinets with new laminate or veneer, and replace the hardware with a more modern style. Cabinet refacing is often the most cost-effective upgrade as it costs about 30 to 40% less than complete replacement.
  4. Storage – We can work with you to install different storage options to improve the kitchen’s usefulness. For example, you could install a corner appliance garage or carve out a wall to add some shelves. And, although open cabinets are not for everyone, they can make your smaller kitchen feel light and airy.
  5. Efficiency – Remodeling a kitchen can also improve its efficiency. Consider adding deep undermount sinks, new counter-tops and functional water-saving faucets. Cooking will be much more enjoyable in an efficient, functional kitchen.

At Sunrise Remodeling, we ensure that every detail will be expertly installed, and promise to bring your project in on time and on budget.


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