Custom Wood Doors

Natural and stained wood cabinets are growing in popularity in kitchens around the United States. The interior design community has been moving away from the boring all white kitchen look and bringing in warmth and texture with the different gradients and finished found in wood cabinets.


The organic appeal of wooden doors has led to the resurgence in popularity of wooden kitchen doors. A kitchen filled with modern metal appliances is great for cleanup and durability, but can often leave a kitchen looking cold and bare. Pairing different metals with warm wood tones can bring beautiful contrast to your kitchen that makes it uniquely yours! Most commonly, Oak is used in wood door cabinetry for kitchens. This is due to it’s ability to absorb stains so well.

Wooden Door Characteristics

USAKITCHEN.COM offers a wide variety of wooden door solutions for your kitchen. You can see in the images that we carry different styles, colors, and finishes of wood doors. Here are some recommendations from the National Kitchen + Bath Association. Learn more about the qualities found in different types of wood here as well:

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood cabinetry comes in a variety of different shades that range from tan blonde to deep brown. The wood is known for naturally darkening as it ages so, so your cabinets are sure to grow in character with the years. Cherry wood is known for being extremely elegant and has been used in furniture making for a long time.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is works well with many stains as it naturally occurs as a white hardwood with a red tinge. Maple is commonly used in kitchen doors as it is one of the hardest wood species that exists. This wood combines great characteristics including its affordability and durability. Since it can take dark stains so well it is often stained dark to look like pricier woods like cherry and mahogany.

Oak Wood

Oak is another hardwood, but can be distinguished due to its extremely grainy appearance. This wood is very durable and is often cut with the intention to resist warping. If you are looking to accentuate the grains we recommend a clear top coat on your wood doors.

Walnut Wood

Walnut wood doors are made of a straight grained wood that goes from dark chocolate brown to yellow (depending on what portion of the tree the wood comes from). This wood is stable and great for intricate carving (as seen in our rope wood door collection).

Pine Wood
Pinewood doors are great for a distressed look on your kitchen cabinets. This wood is often used in cabinetry in English, French, and English country settings due to the ease of etching the wood into ornate shapes and designs.

Update the wood doors in your kitchen today with USAKITCHEN.COM, the premier provider of quality kitchen appliances and furniture serving the South Florida area.

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