Custom Thermofoil Doors

Do you like smooth finishes on kitchen cabinets that are less likely to chip and or experience traditional wear and tear? Introducing USAKITCHEN.COM.COM thermofoil cabinets. Thermofoil is a flexible vinyl coating that is applied to the top layer of cabinetry. The top layer is covering a high density fiberboard or wood board.

The outcome of the process is a beautiful sheer and smooth surface that stands up better to chipping better than stained or painted surfaces. If you are not sure if you prefer wooden cabinets or thermofoil cabinets you should read these facts about thermofoil:

Minimal Maintenance and Care

One of the best reasons to buy thermofoil doors is how easy it is to maintain and clean! Imagine a typical kitchen cabinet made of solid wood. Now imagine wrapping that wooden door in a tight laminated surface. We tell our customers to think of the layer as the top clear coat on a painted fingernail.

If your home is in a humid area you will also enjoy a longer lifetime than wood doors because of the sealed nature of thermofoil doors. USAKITCHEN.COM.COM recommends cleaning with a regular all purpose cleaner. Grease and sticky messes in the the kitchen do not stand a chance to thermofoil.

Thermofoil Cabinet Door Design Options

Another benefit buyers of thermofoil cabinets can enjoy is the wide range of colors and designs available. Thermofoil doors are made of vinyl, which is easier to mold than wood per say. The options include:

flat cabinet
embellished design
curved edges/ flat edges
color shades

Moisture Resistance

If you live in a humid environment you should choose Thermofoil over wooden cabinetry. USAKITCHEN.COM.COM thermofoil cabinets are known for excellent moisture resistance. This is not to say that we recommend using this type of cabinetry outdoors because it is not 100% waterproof. So long as the laminate is intact and not cracked then the door is sealed from water. If the laminate is broken you should contact USAKITCHEN.COM.COMs to salvage the door.

Effortless Installation

The reason that these types of doors last longer is that they are essentially laminated pieces of wood. This means that your thermofoil USAKITCHEN.COM.COM doors will be heavier than your traditional cabinetry. You will want to make sure you use the right hardware to support the weight of these doors. We recommend having the cabinets installed by a professional.

If you are looking for kitchen cabinets that are easy to clean, come in a wide array of designs and colors, and are going to last you a long time then thermofoil is the right choice for you. Contact USAKITCHEN.COM.COM today and speak with one of our kitchen experts that will help make your vision of a new kitchen come true. We can also help consult you on custom cabinetry or the possibility of doing some resurfacing work for wooden cabinets that you already own.

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