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Cabinet Refinishing

Surface refinishing is a fast and affordable way to repair and restore kitchen cabinets. We at USAKITCHEN.COM refinish your fixture in place. This saves you the hassle of demolition and the expense of replacement. In 2-3 days you will have a beautiful kitchen and wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!

Refinishing is the process in which the original layer of stain and sealer are sanded and removed from the wood of a cabinet. Another stain or sealer is then applied to the stripped wood.

Refinishing is the term used when carpenters remove the stain or paint from cabinets or furniture. Refinishing is often used in remodeling projects in order to create cabinets that will better fit the new design. In order to refinish the cabinets, the original paint or stain must be removed. This is done by removing the previous finish from the wood using chemical strippers. The wood is then sanded and cleaned to prepare the wood for its new finish. The cabinets can then be stained and sealed to match the homeowners design plans. Refinishing is not an easy task due to the intricacies of doors and drawer fronts.

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