Custom Kitchen Cabinets

All American made custom kitchens are being designed and installed every day from USAKITCHEN.COM. The difference with working with USAKITCHEN.COM is that we pride ourselves on providing excellence in every stage of service. From the design to installation, we are here to serve and make the process as easy as possible for you.

Discover Your Style

When you have the opportunity to custom design your kitchen you get to explore your design taste. You’ve seen mid-century fixtures you love, are interested in a French country style for the cabinets, and enjoy contemporary lighting. Leave it to the experts at USAKITCHEN.COM to help you combine your inspirations from different genres.
Modern Kitchens

No matter what your decor style is you will want to include modern amenities. Multi-functional kitchen furniture is on the rise, which makes a space that is more convenient. Utilize your kitchen island as a dining table, ask about retractable features.

Frosted glass and clear glass have made their way back into the spotlight of kitchen decor. These additions tend to give kitchens a cleaner and lighter look but are still durable and strong. This also helps reflect light in the room from whatever lighting you choose to go with.

Energy efficient appliances are a must if you’re looking to have a truly state of the art kitchen. USAKITCHEN.COM can help you pick a microwave, oven, refrigerator, and kitchen hood that will help you save on energy costs.
Tips for Custom Kitchens

Trying to make the most of the space in your kitchen should not come at the cost of making walkways too narrow or inefficiently using surfaces. Paths within the cooking area should be about 42 inches wide. Keep this in mind when your kitchen has an island!

When you design your custom kitchen take note on landing spaces near cooktops. This will help make the kitchen logical and user-friendly. Ideally, the flow should be: preparation area, cooking area, and serving/plating area.

Consider space-saving options like magnetic strips on the backsplash to hang knives and other metal kitchen utensils.

Are you trying to get your family to be more eco-friendly? Create a cabinet that has different containers for plastic, glass, and metals.

Our custom kitchen experts help our clients from the design stages to the final look through after the cabinets have been installed? Maybe the hardware you chose doesn’t look right after everything is installed. Maybe the sinks fixtures are not looking right. USAKITCHEN.COM has you covered from start to finish.

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