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Custom Closets

At USAKITCHEN.COM, we’ve observed a process in our clients. At first, they think of closets as disaster sites. With the help of our experts, we are able to change these perceptions. Our customers grow to see closets as sites of organization and functionality. USAKITCHEN.COM is dedicated to helping our customers avoid the former and promote the latter.

Do you have an awkwardly shaped space? Do you look at your closet space and think that there is no way that all of your belongings can efficiently be stored? Don’t worry, we have closet experts on staff that are dedicated to helping you make the most out of your closet space.

Dream Walk in Closets

Whether it’s remodeling a pre-existing walk in closet or creating a larger closet space with major construction, we have experience in helping our clients achieve their dream closet goals.

Tight budget? Let us work some magic. Cost effective changes like using granite instead of marble and acrylic doors with wood finishes instead of solid wood cabinets. With USAKITCHEN.COM’s you won’t have to substitute quality for price. All the materials we use are top grade and are inspected by our agents before they end up in your home.

Wall Units

Most traditional closets feature wall units that feature hanging space and folding space. These two seemingly simple options have turned into an array of options that can seem overwhelming to the average person. Do you want drawers with sock organizers or garment organizers? Do you want a lot of hanging space and no folding space or vice versa?

We understand that different people have different needs when it comes to their closets. Your lifestyle and the city you live in will influence the type of closet you need. For example, if you live in a tropical coastal area you will probably own a lot of swimsuits and smaller clothing items. In this scenario, the experts at USAKITCHEN.COM would recommend slide out drawers that make it easy for you to see all your options before pulling out. If you live in a colder non-coastal area hanging space will be more valuable to you. This way, you can hang all your winter coats and keep them free of wrinkles.

Styling Options

Organize your family’s life with a new closet system. The benefits of a well-organized custom closets over a cluttered closet will be fantastic when you choose our custom closet. Building a custom closet allows you to pick your materials, your hardware. It allows you to include the dream lighting that you have always dreamt of.

Custom closets are specifically useful when the dimensions of your closet are different than industry standards. This happens often in remodeled homes and apartments and in historical homes.

Contact USAKITCHEN.COM today and start building the closet of your dreams today.

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