Custom Acrylic Doors

Acrylic kitchen doors, known for their durable properties and aesthetic beauty, are a versatile material available at USAKITCHEN.COM.COMs. When you balance out the characteristics of quality and cost the material it is superior to marble, wood, and granite. The most coveted feature of acrylic doors is that they do not crack!

The crack resilient material is due in part to the color being integrated into the entire product, rather than just the thin top layer that you will find in other kitchen cabinets. This thin top layer in other products is known as veneer or varnish, which decays at a much faster rate due to it’s density. Acrylic doors form a non-porous surface that is waterproof (great for humid locations) and can easily be refinished if it experiences any scratches from normal wear and tear.

Design Features of Acrylic Doors

The flexibility in the design of acrylic doors makes it a sought after material in the design community. Acrylic doors are available in a wide array of colors that are sure to fit all tastes: French country, contemporary, and mid-century modern. Whether you are looking for cabinets with high gloss or cabinets with a matte finish, USAKITCHEN.COM.COM has it all! Since the material is versatile it can be used to decorate almost every panel in your home.

 An Eco-Friendly Cabinetry Solution

In today’s eco-conscious times you want to improve your home while having the least amount of impact on the environment. What if we told you that USAKITCHEN.COM.COM had a product that required ten percent of the original energy consumption during recycling, which compared to typical door materials (glass and wood) is very low? As you may have guessed, acrylic kitchen doors are the eco-friendly solution. Glass and wood require about sixty percent of the original energy consumption to be fully recycled.

The USAKITCHEN.COM.COM Acrylic Collection

The USAKITCHEN.COM.COM Acrylic Collection incorporates attractive colors and modern structures in wood and “Fantasy”, creating elegant combinations of furniture for your kitchen, bathroom, home, and interior-design and decoration projects. Our collection allows you to have the ‘look’ of wood, without having to deal with the materials heavy weight and ephemeral qualities. Also, wood cabinets are at risk of being affected by termites. According to, people living in the southeast region of the United States are at highest risk of experiencing a termite infestation. Avoid those headaches with acrylic doors!

Acrylic Gallery

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